5 Points Shopping PLaza

The Lifestyle Center of Huntington Beach


With Engaging Visuals

Video elements help deliver the message and highlight where your Plaza really shines – variety & convenience right in the neighborhood! Content moments are everywhere and by tapping into broader trends and looking for opportunities we can help 5 Points Plaza HB become the go to destination for local shopping. The popularity of visual search continues to grow with tools like Pinterest Lens, Google Lens, and Amazon’s StyleSnap so we ensure that all content developed for 5 Points Plaza HB is optimized for search engines (SEO).  


Consistency is Key

A consistent and engaging content schedule becomes something that users can rely on, which means they are more likely to make it a habit. For example, if you publish a New Product Post or Fan Feature Post every Friday afternoon readers will start to be conditioned to visit a 5 Points Plaza HB social account at the same time each week. Peak hours for engagement vary depending on the platform but with a regular content schedule from M3 Media you will be actively posting across all platforms at peak times to increase  engagement with your plaza and tenant businesses!


Offers and Fan Only Features

Feature Fans and Customers. Shoppers embrace Instagram and Facebook contests, and are especially engaged in the types that involve shooting and sharing original photos and videos. 5 Points Plaza HB online contests may include music, craft, illustrations, or  essays. The more personal and reactive your engagement the more you develop meaningful relationships with potential and current customers alike. Reactive engagement one-on-one lets them know there’s real people behind 5 Points Plaza HB, and that can really make a difference in the trust they have for the 5 Points Plaza HB brand.

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Track your Audience Engagement

Ultimately, your engagement efforts should be designed to build new and better relationships with 5 Points Plaza HB customers. Tracking content metrics allows you to analyze the content you share on social media and spot specific patterns. These metrics provide frequency patterns which help you pinpoint the best times to post your content and identify opportunities. In addition to revenue goals, M3 Media makes sure that the 5 Points Plaza HB engagement strategy is consistent and that it aligns with the Plaza image and promotes your long-term goals. 

Put your engagement strategy into action and save time by having M3 Media manage all your social channels. We look forward to taking your Social Media to the next level! Please contact us today!

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